about st.a.b. designs

about me…

i am just a girl who wants to live a great big life.  one with little regret.  one with adventure, hope, love, challenge, failure, joy, learning.  one where i see the details.  where i dream big dreams.  where i take risks…even though they scare me.  where i learn to love better and give more.  where i make my statement.  where i encourage others to make theirs.

about st.a.b. designs…

st.a.b. designs was born from a group of women who made a commitment to each other to live bigger and better.  to live empowered.  to live feeling valued.  to love.  to commune.  to dream.  to walk together.  to live life together.

i started st.a.b. designs because i had to.  i had to take the risk.  i was at a point in my life where i needed to make a change.  to take my life back.  to follow my true passion.  this journey has not been easy.  each day is a new struggle.  a good struggle.  a necessary and worthwhile struggle.  this is what st.a.b. designs is about.  my own journey.  my own personal movement to live the life i want to live.  and hopefully a push for you to pursue the life only you can imagine.

join the movement.  become a st.a.b.!

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