i’ve always been afraid of failing.  of not being good enough.  of someone else realizing that i am not good enough.  not good enough as an artist.  as a friend.  as a businesswoman.  as a salesperson.  as a st.a.b.  i’ve always been afraid….

but i’m slowly learning that failing isn’t a measure of not being good enough.  it’s not an indicator of worth; it’s a stepping stone towards success.  because no one has ever accomplished their dreams in one shot.  in one upward motion.  no…there are hills and valleys on the way to success.  Richard Fenton, in his book Go for NO!, writes, “I realized that failure was the half way mark on the road to success, not a destination to be avoided but rather a stepping stone to get what i really wanted in life.  most people get to the sign marked ‘failure’ and they figure they are heading in the wrong direction, turn around and head back home.  they think that success must be back the other way, but it’s not!  it’s straight ahead! (pg 29).”  failure is just a necessary bump in the road on the way to success.  and truly, it’s not the failure (or the feeling of not being good enough) that is the issue, it’s what we do in those moments that matters….

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