having opportunities….

having opportunities…i think this broadly sums up what i want from life.  i want to be able to do.  to do what?  really, anything.  to travel.  to buy a house.  to empower.  to give voice.  to support.  to sit on a beach somewhere and read a book.  to pay off debt.  to really develop community.  to plan for retirement.  to have health insurance.  i just want to be able to do.

i have big dreams.  they involve st.a.b.  growing this business into something important for the world.  the main purpose of st.a.b. is to create, to empower, and to give voice through support.  that’s it.  a three-fold purpose.  but the road is long.  and the journey has had and will have many hills and valleys.  and that is good.  that’s how it should be.  

i’ve started another journey.  another business venture.  another opportunity.  it’s called arbonne.  some of you have heard of it.  some of you are already shaking your head because it’s one of “those” businesses…the ones where you con all your friends into buying products they don’t want and you eventually give up because it is too hard to maintain.  well, i disagree.  it’s not one of “those” businesses.  it’s a business of opportunity.  the opportunity to grow personally.  the opportunity to achieve whatever position in the company you want.  the opportunity to develop real relationships with people.  the opportunity to pay off debt.  to travel.  to buy health insurance.  the opportunity to empower other people.  the opportunity to support people and causes you value.  the opportunity to make big goals and actually be able to achieve them.

i’ve had a lot of people question why i would begin this type of business.  and that’s okay.  questions asked result in answers given.  here is why…because both arbonne and st.a.b. share the same core values.  to empower.  to give voice.  my voice is becoming stronger because of arbonne.  st.a.b. will become stronger because of arbonne.  i am more empowered to live the life i want to live, to take advantage of opportunities, because of arbonne.  

the journey is different for everyone.  how you get to where you want to go is your choice.  i was a bit stuck before arbonne came along.  a quick jumpstart, an infusion of hope that i could actually achieve my dreams, and i was on my way again.  no longer stuck.  excited about the future.  excited about the work ahead.  how about you?  where are you at on your journey?  do YOU need a jumpstart???

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