the most fascinating person i never knew….

have any of you seen the movie, Flight?  denzel washington plays a substance abusing airline pilot who makes a miraculous crash landing when his plane experiences mechanical failures.  when it becomes known that he was high on cocaine and alcohol while flying the plane, denzel’s character spirals deeper into self-destruction, alienating his family, his friends, his son until he hits rock bottom.  he experiences a moment of clarity and begins to take responsibility for his actions…and in that moment changes the course of his life.  

now i’m not telling you about this movie because i’ve decided to venture into movie reviews.  one of the final scenes really touched me.  caused me to think and reflect.  and that’s what i want to share with you.  in the final scene, denzel’s character is in prison and receives a visit from his estranged son.  his son has an essay to write…on “the most fascinating person i never knew.”  wow.  think about that for a minute.  how many people do we know?  loads!  with facebook and instagram and just through our collective life experiences, we have crossed paths with hundreds and thousands of people.  take a minute to think of how many people we know that we have never really known.

i’ll be honest…my initial thought was myself.  i’ve spent a lot of time over the years trying to figure out what makes me work.  trying to understand why i am the way i am.  family influences.  growing up in a christian bubble.  living in this beautifully, f’ed up world.  how i’m wired.  how i want to live my life.  who i WANT to be.  who i was created to be.  and the journey is daily…learning more about Jesus, about myself, how i live out my hurts and fears and greatest joys.  our road to self-enlightenment never ends because we are constantly evolving.  it’s important, however, to embrace this journey, to intentionally embark on it.  because how are we to know others if we don’t make the effort to really know ourselves?  

so i guess my point, and maybe my challenge for you today, is…

are you the most fascinating person you never knew?




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