when your good just isn’t good enough…

do you ever feel that way?  that your good will never be good enough.  that you just aren’t capable of achieving all that you want and hope for.  success.  love.  family.  greatness.  financial peace.  energy.  

i felt that recently.  in my soul…that feeling of my very best effort just not being good enough.  i am in a phase of life where i’m trying so hard to get my business off the ground.  trying new things.  constantly learning.  evaluating.  re-evaluating.  and just when i think i’m about to get ahead, set back…doubt.  frustration.  feeling less than…again.  i’ve always struggled with feeling less than.  not quite good enough.  not quite capable enough.  i have always been good at what i’ve done, but right now, i want to be great!  i’ve never had that before, that desire for greatness, for people to know my name, to see what i AM capable of.  that desire pushes me on each and every day, to keep going even when i just don’t feel like my good will ever be good enough.

this isn’t a “woe is me” post.  not a desperate attempt for affirmation.  rather it is a call to arms, for me and for you.  because nothing great ever came easily.  my journey will be defined by my reaction to my “just not good enough” days.  how will i overcome these moments?  don’t get me wrong, there is a time for sulking and tears and solitude.  but when the tears are dried, you have a choice to make…let the feelings of defeat overwhelm you or you can choose to  put on your big girl panties and your combat boots and march on.  

i choose to march on.  


join the movement.  be a st.a.b.

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