lindsay, lj, and beth uriel

Lindsay and LJ

Since January 1999, my life has been connected to Beth Uriel, “House of Light” ( in one way or another. A journey of discovery that started when I was in college turned into a major life change in April 2003 when I moved to South Africa full time to serve the Home as a “missionary social worker”. Finding myself in the deep end very quickly, I took over managing the Beth Uriel in 2004 after long time servant and founder, Angela La Grange, went into retirement.

With a deep belief in the transforming power of God, Beth Uriel, “House of Light”, aims to provide young men from impoverished communities the chance to pursue meaningful, independent lives through a supportive living environment, connections to educational opportunities and training in life skills. We have 26 beds in the home and a waiting list that is normally more than ten people long as we are currently the only residential facility in Cape Town serving the over 18 population.

linz and lj


Beth Uriel

Home to 26 previously disadvantaged young men between the ages of 16 and 24, Beth Uriel, “House of Light” is committed to the passionate pursuit of independence for each of our family members.  With Christian principles and family values at our core, the Beth Uriel family is dedicated to creating opportunities for those who would otherwise have none.  Wrestling with issues of poverty, lack of education and the effects of HIV and AIDS on youth, Beth Uriel aspires to offer comprehensive care in every aspect of our program.

In pursuit of independence, Beth Uriel desires to give each and every young man that comes through its doors quality educational opportunities at both the secondary and tertiary levels.  Taking its focus from job placement to “career placement” it is hoped that while at Beth Uriel each young man will begin walking down a life path that will create successful opportunities for them long beyond their time at the home.

Our family at 289 Victoria Road will stay much the same size- not growing beyond 26, as we desire to keep a personal atmosphere in our home.  However, God continues to grow our extended family every year.  Family members that move on and volunteers both locally and overseas keep us growing in every direction….  we are indeed a global family.


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